I have been a photographer for twenty years, based in Paris, France. My photo stories have been widely published in France and abroad, about topics such as the Yakuza ( japanese mafia), The Hezbollah in Lebanon, the conflict between Israel and Palestine ( magazines : Géo, Le Monde magazine, La Vie, Paris Match, VSD, Le Point, Le Figaro magazine, El Mundo magazine, Io Donna, D La Repubblica, The Guardian…).


I am now working on a photographic project about organic agriculture, which I want to follow for some years. I already got a reward from the French ministry of agriculture  (“haut patronage du ministère de l’agriculture”) for an outside and long term exhibition near Paris, named «  four seasons in the life of an organic farm ».


I am also a writer and worked with Jérôme Pierrat on a book of investigations about the Yakuza published by Flammarion in France and Oceano in Spain. Its translated title is  «  Yakuza : investigation in the heart of the japaneese mafia ». 


I also made a documentary film for the french TV channel Canal +, as director and main cameraman. It relates the story over one year, of a rugby team composed of young french guys coming from low income suburbs, and how sports values help them get out of delinquency. Very recently i was journalist and cameraman for a documentary broadcasted on the french TV "Public Sénat". This work is also a webdoc with the NouvelObs magazine web site. It tells the daily life of some local political french citizens over five month.


I also use my skills in corporate and industry for companies or institutions such as EDF, ERDF, Mercedes, Région

Île-de- France. I work for them mainly in photo and video. For this I use the new hybrid photo/video cameras like the Canon Mark3. The result is a high quality image close to cinema standards.